Ah Soo Garden
Transformation Time: 16.5 h
Areas: Entryway, Living, Dining, Bar, Bathroom, Outdoor



Our growing family recently decided to leave 10 years of condo living in Singapore behind us and move to a house. We had not purchased furniture since we got married over 12 years ago, so we decided it was time to upgrade as part of the move. Initially, my husband and I set out with a ‘do it ourselves’ approach. We quickly discovered that we needed a referee (opps, I mean that we needed help!). That is when we found Caroline and her team at Arete Culture. We had our reservations: Would this cost us a fortune? Would they listen to our wants/needs and make sure they were considered while giving us a ‘new’ home?

Caroline gave us a detailed estimate for the project that included her fees, as well as an estimate for the furniture and merchandise that would need to be purchased. We were able to adjust the budget to meet our requirements and the Arete Culture team came in right on target.

We were involved in the process from start-to-finish and Caroline was always ready to answer our questions and provide us with guidance. Shopping for home goods in Singapore is very different than the United States. You can’t find everything under one roof. The Arete Culture team sources some seriously nice stuff from overseas. If they don’t have what you need, they can either build it or point you in the right direction. Caroline and team saved us DAYS with their knowledge of the local Singapore scene. From a specific hand towel at Ikea to a high-end media cabinet at the local antique shop, they will guide you every step of the way.

That is all well and good, but what about the finished ‘product’? One word…AMAZING! They have created a fabulous space for our family and guests. We love to entertain and you can really see how Caroline took our input into consideration when coming up with our design. Here are some comments from guests at our first few dinner parties:

“This place looks like a 6 star resort.”

“Your guest bathroom is nicer than the one I used at the spa on Sentosa today.”

“Stop talking and show us around, please ignore our jaws that are on the floor.”

We have never found this level of satisfaction with any service provider in Singapore. 1000% recommend!

- The Cooks (USA)