Ardmore Residences
Transformation Time:
Areas: Dining room, living room, master bedroom, outdoor area, bathroom



It’s been four days since my makeover and I’m still in awe everytime I step off the lift into our apartment. Immediately it NOW feels like home, when days prior it felt like I just lived here. I am so thankful for finding you, your sister and team! You always made time for me and made me feel like I was your only customer. And I just knew you were the right person for what I wanted, when I read all the positive reviews about you and Arete Culture.

I loved how you took what I had, from all my many moves, and pulled it all together! You knew what pieces I needed to purchase, yet while being understanding of my budget. And you took those new pieces with the old and WOW…made a stunning, jaw-dropping apartment. I think you managed to use everything I had, nothing went to waste. And you added such nice touches as family photos that make it MY home.

Thanks again, and I can’t stop smiling. Thank you so much for taking a stressful period of time in my life, and turning it into a happy, positive one.
— Karen Walz (USA)