Eastwood Road
Transformation Time: 52 h
Areas: Entryway, Lounge, Dining, Stairway, Study, MBR, Children's Room 1 and 2, MBR En-suite, Bathroom



The team at Arete Culture have done nothing but consistently exceed every expectation I had for quality, creativity, and professionalism. From the first meeting where Caroline and Jennie came to our home to assess our needs, our desires, and the canvas they had to work with, to the proposal stage, early conceptual design, and initial furniture picks, the team set clear goals, clear directions, and proffered well thought out advice. We were convinced to move forward due to their impeccable taste, attention to detail, candour and professional approach.

But this was just the beginning… as the project kicked into gear, the ladies and their colleagues guided us to partners who were aligned to our needs, project managers who set forth and executed the project plan down to the most crucial details, and craftsmen who built out dream pieces in order to complete our collective vision. On the day of the design and reveal itself, a beautiful orchestra commenced in our home… sounds, smells, and colours swirled throughout, a wave of activities and directions; all we could do was watch in awe as our home was transformed from a place we stay to a place we yearn to be in.

The team at Arete Culture has literally created sanctuary for us… a thing of beauty… a gorgeous space we are so proud to call our home... and partnering with them was truly an amazing experience. I simply cannot recommend them highly enough…there are designers and decorators, and then there master of craft… the team at Arete Culture are real artisans. If you are considering redecorating your home and have high standards, do yourself a favour… go see Caroline and Jennie. You will not regret it.

- Charles & Karen (US, China)