Hillington Green
Transformation Time: 7.5 h
Areas: Entryway, master bedroom, living room, dining room, outdoor garden



When we moved from a house to a much smaller apartment I struggled to arrange my existing furniture and decorative items in a way that would make them fit into the new place and importantly make the place feel like a home.

Caroline immediately understood the look and feel I wanted to create and when she came for the home makeover I was stunned how well she managed to transform our place. The artwork and decorative items she suggested worked beautifully to complement my existing pieces and I truly admire her keen sense of which colours and which pieces will work together.

She even came with me to the framer to create an ingenious look for one of the artworks and she helped me to locate the best places to source a coffee table.

The result is fabulous! The apartment has a cosy and inviting feel. Caroline has not only turned our place into a warm and interesting family home; she has also become a trusted advisor and friend!
— Karin (Germany)