Transformation Time: 46.5 h
Areas: Foyer, Lounge, Bar area, Outdoor, Dining, MBR & Master Bath, Guest bedroom, Powder Room



2 months have passed since our home styling and Steven and I still can’t believe how our home looks and feels so beautiful. Honestly, we were sceptics before we met you and now, we are huge fans and happily referring your work.

We love and admire your aesthetic values and design vision which totally blew our expectations off the charts in a great way! Simply can’t believe how you managed to pull everything so stylishly together; we had a seemingly impossible mix of furniture & accessories that included modern pieces, old Asian furniture and retro art deco stuff among others.

Not only do we adore the final result, we must admit we thoroughly enjoyed the entire journey from the get-go. You never judged our original house and how it looked then. Instead you inspired us with your passion and enthusiasm as if you were styling your own home. Gave us the confidence and courage to try new design ideas which paid off handsomely in the end. Referred your network of excellent retailers and service providers who were professional and enhanced our overall experience. Gently yet firmly made us do our part in the process leading up to the actual day makeover so that we became active participants eagerly preparing and anticipating…. and WOW! You gave us a stunning home that we can’t wait to go back to everyday.

We have had several house parties and received rave compliments all round. Thank you so much for everything!
— Steven (Australia) and Ching (Singapore)