Completed Projects

Eastwood Green
Transformation Time: 11 h
Areas: Living room, stairway landing, dining room, master bedroom, sitting room

Flamingo Valley II
Transformation Time: 30.5 h
Areas: Entryway, dining room, living room, common bathroom, guest bedroom, master bathroom, master bedroom, study, daughter's bedroom and bathroom, son's bedroom

Flamingo Valley I
Transformation Time: 16 h
Areas: Dining room, living room, master bedroom

Cornwall Gardens
Transformation Time: 27 h
Areas: Common bathroom, entryway, family sitting room, dining room, study corner, guest house (bathroom, dining area, and bathroom)


Draycott Park
Transformation Time: 19.5 h
Areas: Dining room, entryway, living room, master bedroom, outdoor area, common bathroom

Leisure Farm (Johor)
Transformation Time: 12 h
Areas: Master bedroom, bedroom 2, bedroom 3, bedroom 4, dining room, sitting room, living room, outdoor area

Caribbean at Keppel Bay
Transformation Time: 9 h
Areas: Living room, dining room, master bedroom, balcony

Petals Condo
Transformation Time: 12 h
Areas: Living room, entryway, dining room, hallway, master bedroom


Orchard Residences
Transformation Time: 3 h
Areas: Living room, hallway, dining room, master bedroom

Chancery Lane
Transformation Time: 33 h
Areas: Living room, dining room, master bedroom

Ernani St
Transformation Time: 15 h
Areas: Living room, dining room, hallway, master bedroom, common bathroom, outdoor area

Townhouse Apts
Transformation Time: 6 h
Areas: Dining room, entertainment room